Getting To Know Your SGA Officers

On April 3 and 4, the Student Government Association (SGA) held their yearly elections. After the polls were closed, sophomore Evan Milas was elected to Vice President of Student Concerns and junior Ryan Scanlon was elected Vice President of Public Relations.

Evan Milas first got involved in SGA his freshman year at Quinnipiac. According to Milas, he wanted to get the most  out of his college experience, so he decided to run for Vice President of the freshman class, which he had won. 

In his first year as Vice President of  the freshman class, Milas learned how to benefit the overall study body of Quinnipiac while working under the Vice President of Student Concerns. At the end of this year, when the  position of Vice Presidentof Student Concerns opened up, Milas made it his goal to be elected to the position.

“As Vice President of the freshman class, I learned what it took to be the VP of Student Concerns,” Milas said. “I always thought it would be really interesting to become VP of Student Concerns.”

When Milas found out he won the election, a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.

“I was so nervous to find out if I won or lost the election,” Milas said. “I was just standing looking at my phone for hours, waiting for the call to hear if I had won or lost the election.

Milas has many goals that he wishes to accomplish, but his overall goal is to tie up loose ends.

“Too many things at this school start, but never get finished” Milas said, “My first to goals is to get coffee in the library and to finally establish a solid shuttle system.”

The second winner of the night was Ryan Scanlon, who was elected to the position of Vice President of Public Relations.

Scanlon became interested in SGA when he became a class representative.During his time as a representative, Scanlon worked under the guidance of high positions within SGA, such as Vice President of Public Relations which is the role he eventually stepped into.

According to Scanlon, with that experience, he knew that he was qualified to  run for a higher position within SGA. When the opportunity arose to become the Vice President of Public Relations, Scanlon knew he wanted the position.

Scanlon was pleased and relieved to find out that he won the election and became the Vice President of Public Relations. Just like Milas, Scanlon has many goals to achieve now with his new position. His biggest goal is to create a bigger sense of community here at Quinnipiac.

“I want to do the small thing to unite the community here.” Scanlon said. “I want students to know the members of the SGA are still there for them and they are available at any time. With help from other students, I am confident the SGA can make a difference and bring change on campus that the students here want.”

Scanlon said that he wants the student body here at Quinnipiac to know he is just a regular student like everyone else. There is however a unique fun fact about Scanlon, that sets him apart from many other students on campus.            

“I cry when I eat,” Scanlon said. “I know its weird but a lot of my friends find it funny.”

Scanlon added that he was willing to share  that fun facts to show other students on campus he is just a normal student and to encourage them to feel comfortable going up to him with their concerns regarding Quinnipiac. He also wants student to know this fact about him, so next time you see Scanlon crying the cafeteria, not to worry he is just eating.